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I’m Bogdan and I am a vintage computer collector. I have been collecting vintage equipment for over 10 years now. I buy the old hardware, repair it and rebuild if necessary, from my own funds. My afternoons and weekends are spent in a room transformed into a repair shop. I have already reached a large number of exhibits and that is great as I had the opportunity to participate to several exhibitions and events.

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As a result of the visibility I had over the past three years, a growing audience has shown a lot of interest in the collection. As I have a lot of heavy exhibits, going where I`m invited is not possible with all of them because of the logistics. I love to attend computer fairs and tech events but their handling it has become complicated. I store them in two locations because the initial storage has become to small.

The next step for my computer collection is to have a home. A permanent, secure and accessible for people to visit.

A thought suddenly came to me, to appeal to all retro technology lovers or to the nostalgic ones and together with a little encouragement to put this plan to work.

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