IBM ThinkPad 560E type 2640

YEAR: 1996 INITIAL PRICE: $ 2100 CPU: Intel Pentium MMX 166 MHz RAM: 16 MB EDO RAM STORAGE:  HDD 2.1gB and 1.44FDD Drive Sound: Sound Blaster 16/Pro OS Provided: Microsoft Windows 95 Video: 2 mB (800X600) Visit us on Facebook.

Siemens Nixdorf PCD-5ND

Year: 1995 Initial Price: $ 3200 Processor: Intel Pentium 75Mhz RAM: 24Mb EDO HDD: 810mB \Seagate Marathon Battery: LI-ION Keyboard: German Layout (QWERTZ) Power source: Power Adapter 22.8V 2.0 A (or 19V 2.5A)   This PC was bought in February 2017 and it had the 810Mb HDD broken. It originally had Windows3.11 on it but…


Year: 1986 Initial Price: 2200$   Processor: NEC V30 4.7Mhz and 9.5 Mhz RAM Disk: up to 126kB RAM: 640Kb Storage: 2X720kB FDD units The unit had a bad power supply and bad jumper config. Fully functional, runs MS-DOS 3.30. See more on Facebook. See more on Google Docs.