IBM ThinkPad 560E

YEAR: 1998

INITIAL PRICE: $ 2,100, $3,353 in 2020


The IBM ThinkPad 560E, type 2640 was designed to be small, light and compact. The IBM ThinkPad 560 has Intel Pentium CPU (available 100, 120 or 133MHz, in 1998 it was not the fastest thing), 8MB on-board RAM expandable with one EDO SIMM module and no internal floppy nor optical drives. This model was designed to work on battery as long as possible and to be as portable as possible, and engineers succeeded in these goals. It’s lighter than most similar ThinkPads and, what’s more important, it works on battery even today, yet in quite limited time (45 minutes). 

  • CPU: Intel Pentium MMX 133MHz
  • RAM: 16 MB EDO RAM
  • STORAGE:  HDD 2.1gB and 1.44FDD Drive
  • Sound: Sound Blaster 16/Pro
  • OS Provided: Microsoft Windows 95
  • Video: 2 mB (800X600)

Drivers and other useful information can be found here.

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