YEAR: 1993

INITIAL PRICE: 3,299, $5,942 in 2020

The Compaq LTE was a line of laptop computers made by Compaq, introduced in 1989. The first models, the Compaq LTE and the Compaq LTE 286, were among the first computers to be close to the size of a paper notebook, spurring the use of the term “notebook” to describe a smaller laptop. They were also among the first to include both built-in hard disk and floppy disk drives, offering performance comparable to then-current desktop machines.

The configuration Compaq provides comes with a 75MHz Intel i486DX4 n/a IDE ISA 2.5″, 19mm max. height, up to 6 gB.

This Compaq Laptop can take up to 28 or 32 MB ram, with a fixed amount of 4 or 8 MB (non-removable) installed In order for the system to recognize and run with the 24MB module, the ROM needs to be upgraded to Version: 5/18/95. Also, the Compaq Diagnostics needs to be upgraded to Version: P10.05 Rev. B.

McLaren still needs this 23-year-old Compaq laptop to maintain its F1 supercar. “The reason we need those specific Compaq laptops is that they run a bespoke CA card which is installed into them,” explains a McLaren spokesperson to Jalopnik. Read more…

  • Intel 486DX4-75Mhz, L1 cache is 64 kilobytes
  • 8 MB RAM standard
  • 32 MB RAM maximum
  • Internal 3.5″ 1.44 MB drive
  • 320 MB hard disk drive
  • High-resolution LCD
  • 800 x 600 pixels \ Brightness control
  • full-size sculptured keys
  • Familiar layout
  • 12 function keys
  • Dedicated cursor keys
  • Status LEDs
Operating System
  • MS-DOS 4.01
  • Windows 3.1
  • Windows 95
  • High-density rechargeable NiCd
  • Removable
Power Supply
  • Auto-sensing 100-240V internal PSU for worldwide usage

4 thoughts on “COMPAQ LTE Elite 4/75CX”

  1. Santiago Artaza

    Hola..tengo una Compaq lte elite 4/75cx. Se puede utilizar con el internet de hoy? No tiene Wi-fi no? Como puedo conectarlo a internet? No tiene entrada o no la veo. Gracias.

    1. Even if you connect the computer to the internet via a PCMCIA LAN or WIFI card the OS and browser will not be secure at all and 99.9% of the sites won`t work. Some stuff its better if you let them in the past and offline!

    1. For some reason this particular unit has 800×600! 🙂 I will check again soon and correct the information on the website accordingly. Thank you for your input!

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