Toshiba T1900

YEAR: 1993

INITIAL PRICE: $3,899, $7,023 in 2020


“Getting a head start is rare these days. Starting in front is almost unheard of. But that’s the feeling you get when you own a Toshiba notebook. The confidence that comes from knowing that what’s standard for Toshiba means leadership for the industry. The T1900 Series offers the most sophisticated standard notebook computers available. Within their stylish casing lies a world of increased productivity and freedom that goes with the best name in notebook technology. Standard features include Intel SL Enhanced 486 processor technology with intelligent power management; high capacity hard disks for today’s large programs; fast colour or monochrome screens that do graphics justice; and a keyboard and clip-on mouse that are easy to use. These affordable notebooks also offer on-line connectivity and flexible expand-ability thanks to their PCMCIA 2.0 slot – a feature not found on many, more expensive notebooks. With the PCMCIA 2.0 slot, you buy a Toshiba today and you’re already investing in tomorrow. In the sleek, modern lines of the T 1900 Series you can see the shape of the future, not a copy of the past.”

Processor: Intel i486SX microprocessor 25.0 MHz operating speed
Memory: 4.0 mB RAM standard
Expandable to 16 mB using proprietary memory cards
Drive: 120-200 mB HDD
Manufacturer: Toshiba Corporation Japan 23 years back
STORAGE 1 x 1.44 mB 3.5″ floppy disk drive
GRAPHICS VGA / Monochrome 9.5″ Advanced STN LCD
SOUND PC speaker
POWER Original AC Power Adapter, no NiCd Battery pack
OS \ OTHERS Bundled Software & Hardware: MS BallPoint® V2.0 with QuickPort™, MS-DOS 6.0, MS Windows 3.1, PCMCIA
WEIGHT Approx. 2.9 kg (6.39 lbs)

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