Olivetti M15

Year: 1985

Initial Price: $5,999, $14,490 in 2020


Manufacturer Olivetti Personal Computers
Processor type Intel 80C88
Cycle time 4.77 MHz
RAM memory 512 KB
ROM memory 16 KB
Ports Serial RS-232C, Parallel
Operating systems MS-DOS 3.3
Keyboard 78-keys
Modem no
Screen size 25 lines x 80 columns  LCD
Graphics resolution 640 x 320 dots
Dimensions 15.15 x 10.8 x 2.83 inches
Weight 11.5 Ibs
Power DC Power Supply & Battery Ni-Cd 6 hours
Internal disk device 2×3,5″ FDD 720 KB or 1×3,5″ FDD & HDD 20 MB
Peripherals Printer

This computer is a beast! Even though it looks portable, this computer has 6.7 KG without the bag and charger. When you sum everything up the whole package has around 9 KG! If you keep it in your lap more than 5 minutes you could loose your legs 🙂

I am glad I got this machine in pretty good condition, it had 1 broken hinge and a few capacitors were leaking but with epoxy based glue and some soldering skills it is good as new!



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