Olivetti M15

Year: 1985

Initial Price: $ 5999


CPU: 80C88 (4.77 MHz)

ROM: 16K bytes

RAM: User RAM: 256K bytes, 512K bytes depending on con-
Video RAM: 16K bytes

CLOCK: Battery-backed clock/calender

Minifloppy Two 3.5″disk drives.
disk drive: Diskettes used:
double sided, double density, 135 t.p.i.
No. of heads: 2
No. of cylinders (tracks): 80
Data transfer rate: 250K bits/sec.

Power supply to 5 V DC (from Power Unit)
Central Unit: 5 V DC (from battery)

System power max. 20 W

Display: 1:2.4 aspect ratio
Liquid crystal display (LCD)
640 x 200 pixels
320 x 200 pixels

Dimensions/ 385 x 276 x 72 mm.
Weight: (15.15 x 10.8 x 2.83 inches)
5,700 Kg (12.5 Ibs).

Info from: VintageMuseum.COM

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