Olivetti M10 by Kyocera Corporation (Japan)

YEAR: 1983

Initial Price: $800, $2,090 in 2020


The Olivetti M-10 is basically the same computer as the Tandy 100 or the NEC PC-8201. All these machines were in fact conceived by Kyocera Corporation (Japan). Thus they all have very similar characteristics.

Olivetti is well known for computers with special design, and the M-10 is not an exception. Compared to the Tandy 100 or NEC PC-8201, the M-10 is quite beautiful. The main physical difference is the LCD screen which can be tilted for user’s comfort.

Just like its brothers, the M-10 was used a lot by reporters all around the world. This success was mainly due to its excellent keyboard and large battery autonomy.

The M-10 a some built-in software :
– An Extended Microsoft Basic
– A wordprocessor
– A small spreadsheet (adress files)
– An Agenda
– And a communication program.

The M10 had 4 standard RAM/ROM sockets, whereas all other Kyocera machines had specific RAM or ROM sockets.



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