Apple Powerbook 140

Year: October 1991

Initial Price: $3,199, $6,113 in 2020


The PowerBook 140 was released in the first line of PowerBooks. It was the mid-range PowerBook, between the low-end 100 and the high-end 170.

Processor: Motorola 68030, running at 16 MHz
RAM: 2 MB on board, can be expanded to 8 MB
Hard disk: 20-80 MB
Floppy disk: 1.44 MB Superdrive
Systems supported: System J-, System 7.0.1-Mac OS 7.6.1
ADB: Yes (1 port)
Serial: Yes (2 ports)
Modem: optional (used for this model’s expansion port)
Screen: passive matrix, 1bpp 640×400

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