Psion Series 3A

YEAR: 1993

Initial Price: $899,$1,619 in 2020


The Psion 3a (1993) is part of a range of personal digital assistants made by PSION PLC. Manufacture of Psion 3a was discontinued in 1998 with the 3s version shortly after the launch of the Psion Series 5 (a Psion 4 does not exist, due to Psion’s concern of tetraphobia in their Asian markets) and the Psion Siena. Psion’s industrial hardware division continue to produce handhelds running the same 16-bit operating system, some 17 years after its introduction on the Psion MC range of laptops and 5 years after Psion Computer’s final 32-bit EPOC PDA was released.

Technical Details:

Manufacturer: Psion PLC 
Type: PDA 
Retail availability: 1993 
Media: Psion Solid State Disks 
Operating system: SIBO 
Power: 2 × AA battery 
CPU: NEC V30H @ 7.68MHz 
Display: 480 × 160 monochrome LCD 
Input: QWERTY keyboard
Connectivity: Serial, 19200 bit/s RS-232C

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