Amstrad ALT-286

Year: 1989 Initial Price: $ 2600   The Amstrad ALT-286 is a very nice machine, its a mix between the TOSHIBA T3100/20 and the SHARP PC-4500. It shares same technology like the two mentioned above but the display its superior due to the fact it came on the market almost 3 years after the Toshiba…

Fujitsu Stylistic 2300

YEAR: 1996 INITIAL PRICE:  $2900 -$3400 (depends on the version)   Today’s tablet PCs are very popular and there is no age for consumers, both young ones and older generations use them. The highest trend seems to be positive even in 2018. There are numerous devices like Asus Transformers, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo`s Yoga series etc….