Dauphin DTR-1

Year: May 1993 Initial Price: $2,495 $ ($4,351.80 in 2018) “… the world’s smallest Windows-based, 486 computer” Chinese businessman Alan Yong founded Dauphin Technlogy in 1988. For years afterward, Dauphin had been a seller of high-performance color laptops, including their $10,000 color 386SX laptop from 1990.  Things were looking-up for Dauphin, who in 1992 become the Pentagon’s largest supplier of…

Fujitsu Stylistic 2300

YEAR: 1996 INITIAL PRICE:  $2900 -$3400 (depends on the version)   Today’s tablet PCs are very popular and there is no age for consumers, both young ones and older generations use them. The highest trend seems to be positive even in 2018. There are numerous devices like Asus Transformers, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo`s Yoga series etc….