Fujitsu Stylistic 2300

YEAR: 1996

INITIAL PRICE: $3,400, $5,640 in 2020

Today’s tablet PCs are very popular and there is no age for consumers, both young ones and older generations use them. The highest trend seems to be positive even in 2018. There are numerous devices like Asus Transformers, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo`s Yoga series etc. but today I want to catch up with their ancestors. 

I had done a lot of research on the web and there is a lot of info over there but people tend to mix-up the tablet or any touch device with the pen based computer. The first prototypes are very difficult to be called “mobile” in the modern sense, they costed a lot and the battery life usually was not that good.

Fujitsu Stylistic 2300 Specifications
The technical specifications for the Stylistic 2300 are given below 

Form Factor
Full-screen, tablet-size, pen computer 

233 MHz Pentium® MMXTM 
  32 KB on-chip (L1) cache 
  512 KB L2 cache 

System Memory 32 MB SDRAM 
Upgradeable to 160 MB 

BIOS 512 KB flash ROM 

Bus Architecture 
PCI, CardBus 

Operating Systems 
Windows NT® Workstation 4.0 with PenX 1.51 
Windows® 98 with Pen Services 2.0 and PenX 1.51
Windows 95 with Pen Services 2.0 and PenX 1.51 

Hard Disk Drive

6.0GB, Ultra ATA, shock-mounted 

Two Type II or one Type III PC Card slots, Ver. 3.0 
CardBus, Zoomed Video 

Color Transflective (CTF) SVGA LCD 
  Outdoor and indoor use
Backlit, 8.4″ (213 mm) diagonal
0.21 mm dot pitch
800 x 600 SVGA resolution, up to 4,096 colors

Active Matrix (TFT) SVGA Color LCD 
  Backlit, 8.4″ (213 mm) diagonal
0.21 mm dot pitch
800 x 600 SVGA resolution, up to 262,144 colors

Electromagnetic tablet
1016 points/inch resolution
133 points/second sampling rate 

Sound Blaster® Pro compatible
Full duplex 
Built-in microphone and speaker 
Mono microphone jack 
Stereo headphone jack 
Line-in and line-out jacks on port replicator 

Built-in connectors 
Keyboard/mouse (PS/2 connector) 
Serial A (RS-232C) 
Monitor (DDC)
Universal Serial Bus (USB) 
Floppy disk drive 
Headphones (stereo) 
RJ-11 jack (U.S. and Canada only) 

Infrared port 
IrDA 1.1 (FIR 4 Mbps) 

High-usage docking contacts 

System interface connector (port replicator) 
PS/2 mouse 
Serial B (RS-232C), replaces IrDA 
USB, 2 ports; acts as self-powered hub
Audio line-in 
Audio line-out 
(All built-in connectors are also replicated.) 

4500 mAh lithium ion battery pack 
Autosensing 100-240V, 50/60 Hz AC adapter 

Battery Life 
Up to 5 hours (application and display dependent) 

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2 thoughts on “Fujitsu Stylistic 2300”

  1. I have one of these. Somehow my battery disappeared which kinda sucks. I used to have also In another box everything that came with it (keyboard, and floppy disks, and a bunch of other things).

    1. This is a great little machine. Too bad for the power adapter that gets to 85 Celsius. There were reports of power adapters melting from the poor engineering of the transistor placement…

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