FIC SportSX – just over 1000 ever made because of Copyright issues

YEAR: 1987


FIC Sport SX was a laptop manufactured by FIC (First International Computer, Inc.)  and released in 1987. It featured a 40 MB hard drive that was about twice the capacity used in those days, it has and incredible 8 MHz Intel 80286 CPU and a monochrome gas-plasma display. This laptop is so Rare you won`t find anything on Google, you need to “dig” in some serious scanned files just to get some specs. It was erased from the face of the Earth before hitting the market.

Processor: Intel 80286 microprocessor 8.0 MHz operating speed

Memory: 640kB RAM standard

Expandable to 2.6 mB

Drive: 40 mB HDD (missing but it is stated on the notebook the 40 mB capacity)

Manufacturer: First International Computer /30 years ago

STORAGE 1 x 720 kB 3.5″ floppy disk drive; connector for external 5,25″ floppy drive, 360 kb
GRAPHICS Gas Plasma DIsplay; Screen Resolution Graphic mode: 640×200; Textmode: 80×25
SOUND PC speaker
POWER 12V Power Adapter
WEIGHT Approx. 5 kg

No links are present on the Internet of this product.

If you know more about this product, please do contact me!

4 thoughts on “FIC SportSX – just over 1000 ever made because of Copyright issues”

  1. Hi
    I have one from new. I bought it to travel around the world with it back around 1991. I turned it on the other day and it comes up with a type of bios screen asking what do i want to configure. I do not think it has a hard drive. Once I get it back from being on display I will investigate more.

  2. By any chance do you have the floppy to to load this Laptop. Even if you sent the file I may be able to copy it it to a floppy here.
    Cheers Roy

  3. Hello
    I think at least one of them is in Poland, and that’s because I happen to have it in my junk. The sticker on the bottom of the case was smudged and barely legible. In my search for information about the hardware, I was guided by the symbol on the left side of the display, Tangram Mark III (??) so Google didn’t find anything. Until I came across this page. This piece is in poor condition and needs some love. The battery and drives are missing. I would appreciate a pinout of the power supply plug or any information or schematics.

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