Tandy 1110HD

YEAR: 1992


The 1110 HD was introduced in 1992.
The specifications of the Tandy were not spectacular as it was considered a lower middle class laptop. It was still very impressive at its time of release, which proved it to be more successful that it’s competitors.
Processor: 8 bit NEC V20 microprocessor 10.0 MHz operating speed
Memory: 640kB RAM standard
Rom: 32kB for BIOS
Drive: 20 mB HDD Conner CP2024
Manufacturer: Tandy Corporation
Ports: One serial ports, One parallel port
STORAGE 1 x 720 kB 3.5″ floppy disk drive
GRAPHICS LCD super-twisted nematic, green
SOUND PC speaker
POWER Original AC Power Adapter, Lead-acid rechargeable, 3.5 Hrs.
OS \ OTHERS MS-DOS 3.3 \ DeskMate Interface
WEIGHT Approx. 6.6 lbs.

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