Olivetti Echos 44 Color

YEAR: 1993



The Olivetti Echos 44 Color is a personal computer (PC) made by the Italian company Olivetti, designed by Michele De Lucchi.

Thanks to the special design, the computer has won several design awards, including the MAU Industrial Design Award-Selezione and Compasso D’Oro-Selezione, ADI.

It was built from 1993 onwards and is now technically obsolete. Spare parts are no longer available as Olivetti has discontinued the production of personal computers. On Internet auction houses, however, some copies are offered, which are mostly used by collectors and lovers as a spare parts store.

There was also already a quiescent state and the accumulator had a running time of approximately 2.5 hours. The computer had all the necessary connections, was expandable, mobile and because of the unusual color also very noticeable.


Year of construction: 1994
Initial price: $ 4.297 (1994), about 2,600 DM (1996)
Processor: Intel i486DX2, 40 MHz or 66 MHz
Coprocessor: Yes
Cache: 8 KB internal static RAM
Memory: 4-24 MB (upgradeable)
Graphics card: Western Digital VGA Color, 80×25 lines
Video RAM: 512K (B / W version), 1MB (color version)
Display: Liquid crystal screen, size 9,4 “, resolution 640 × 480 VGA – 256 colors, passive matrix – dual scan (DSTN), backlit
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 3.11 for Workgroups on MS DOS
Hard Drive: ATA IDE, 120, 170, 240, 340, 450 MB
Disk drive: Standard 3.5 “floppy disk drive with 1.4 MB memory
Connections: VGA, parallel port, serial, PS / 2, docking station slot
PCMCIA: PCMCIA version 3.02 cards (type II) or second hard disk (type III)
Keyboard: Olivetti with 83 keys
Mouse: Trackball
Battery: Capacity approx. 4,000 mAh
Speaker: PC-Speaker
Sound card: not available
Dimensions: 286 × 216 × 42.8 mm (with closed notebook, color version)
Weight: 2.270 kg (black and white), 2.490 kg (color)

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