Dolch PAC 486



INITIAL PRICE: $9,000, $15,370 in 2020


“Dolch Computer Systems Inc, San Jose, California expects to be the first to market with an 80486-based luggable computer: the new Dolch PAC 486-25 weighs just under 20 lbs, comes with three AT slots, and sells for $13,000 ($23.099 in 2019) with 100Mb hard disk and 640 by 400 CGA-compatible electroluminescent screen – and another $600 buys a VGA-compatible 16-shade gas-plasma display; the thing is planned for end-November. A desktop replacement for even the most demanding power user.” – PC Magazine 1989

Model 486-25 (the first model from DOLCH Computer Systems

My unit is a Dolch Pac 486 Intel 486DX2 cpu running at 66 mhz. Runs Win 3.1. Color VGA screen. The price tag on this thing was just under $9.000 in 1995, still a lot of money payed for a computer.

I got this computer from a friend in Bucharest. The computer was OK back in 2016 now the HDD has failed. I had replaced the HDD , the RTC battery and installed Windows95.

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