HP 1000CX (MS-DOS 5.0)

Year: 1995

Initial Price:  $550, $939 in 2020


The HP 1000CX has an Intel 80186 compatible embedded CPU named “Hornet”, which runs at ~7.91 Mhz and has  1, 2 or 4 MB of memory, of which 640 KB is RAM and the rest can be used for expanded memory (EMS) or memory-based storage space.

HP 1000CX

Being IBM PC/XT compatible and running MS-DOS 5.0 from ROM, the HP 1000CX can run virtually any program that would run on a full-size PC compatible computer as long as the code is written for the Intel 8086, 8088 or 80186 CPU and can run using CGA graphics. It can also run programs written for the 80286 CPU, provided they do not require the use of protected mode. It has a 16-bit PCMCIA Type II expansion slot that supports 5 V at 150 mA maximum, a SIR compatible infrared port and a full serial port (but with a proprietary mini connector for space constraint reasons).

Found it for 3$ on the internet, the display connectors had water damage but it was an easy repair.


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