Olivetti M111

YEAR: 1987

Initial Price: ?

M111 Model no. XP-1021

I bought this computer from a person that worked at a recycle center in Bacau. The story is that a container from Germany came in with hundreds of new old stock Olivetti portables to be smashed and recycled. This computer is the only one that got away because it was in a black leather hand bag and somehow the employee decided to keep the bag and sell me the computer.

  • Motherboard Pegasus Inc. LTA2-0001-01 Rev.C10
  • CPU NEC V30 D70116L-10Mhz
  • Memory 640K RAM
  • HDD Conner CP-3027 20MB
  • FDD 3.5″ 720kb
  • Main battery 12V 2200mAh
  • BIOS battery 3-5FT 3.6V 50mAh
  • AC Power Supply output 17V 2.4A
  • Operating System DOS 3.30
  • Dimensions 13″wide x 14.5″deep x 4″ high
  • Weight 15lbs approx
  • Serial Number: 11102B21266

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