Sharp PC-4500 (4502)

YEAR: 1987

Initial Price: $5,899, $13,515 in 2020


Reference: PC-4500
Processor: Nec V40 at 7.16 MHz or equivalent (compatible with i80188)
Memory: 256 KB or 640 KB RAM expandable to 1.6 MB Including 1 MB of EMS memory
Display: CGA compatible monochrome LCD display (Backlit on models 4502 and 4521)
Storage: 1 or 2 floppy drives 3 “1/2 of 720 KB or 20 MB hard drive according to models.
Interfaces: Parallel, 1200 baud modem and optional external CGA
Software: Ms-Dos 3.2 Sharp

Particularity: Announced at Comdex Spring 1987 and marketed from October of the same year, this entry-level PC compatible PC is sold at a rather competitive price. The compatibility is good but the performances are not extraordinary. Note that it requires a version of Ms-Dos of origin Sharp to start.


3 versions ever existed:

PC-4501, 256 KB with 1 drive, LCD not backlit
PC-4502, 256 or 640 KB with 2 drives
PC-4521, 640 KB with 20 MB hard drive

My machine is a PC-4502, 2 Floppy disks, no HDD, back-lit display

Read more on the restoration of this machine:

Comdex Spring 1987

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