Commodore Plus/4

Year: 1984

Price:  $299, $749 in 2020

The Commodore Plus/4 is a home computer released by Commodore International in 1984. The “Plus/4” name refers to the four-application ROM resident office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, database, and graphing); it was billed as “the productivity computer with software built-in”.


Internally, the Plus/4 shares the same basic architecture as the lower-end Commodore 16 and 116 models, and is able to use software and peripherals designed for them. However, it is not compatible with the well-established Commodore 64.

While the Plus/4 had some success in Europe, it was a failure in the United States, where it was derided as the “Minus/60”.

Type Home computer
Release date 1984; 33 years ago
Introductory price $299[1]
Discontinued 1985
Operating system Commodore BASIC 3.5
CPU MOS Technology 8501
@ 1.76 MHz
Memory 64 KB RAM + 64 KB ROM
Graphics TED (320 × 200, 121 colors)[2]
Sound TED (2-channel with 4-octave + white noise)

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