Highscreen 486 SX 25

Year: 1993

Initial Price: $1150


The Highscreen 486 SX 25 was a computer designed to out-stand the Toshiba T1900 Notebook computer. Because of its light weight and its big battery pack this notebook was bought as a desktop replacement power tool that you could take with you on the go. This computer was manufactured for some specific corporations and the quality build is awesome!

                                    20 years gap between this 2 machines On the left Dell Precision i5 vs HighScreen 486

CPU: Intel 486 25 Mhz SX

RAM: 4mB

HDD: 80 mB

Display: Monochrome

Power: Original Power Adapter 110V\220V autosensing

This computer was saved from a flea market. It has all original accessories. Carrying bag, mouse and power adapter.

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