IBM PS/ValuePoint 486 DX2

YEAR: 1993

INITIAL PRICE: $2,795, $5,034 in 2020


The IBM PS/ValuePoint (or just ValuePoint) personal computer was IBM‘s answer to the PC clone market, where the IBM PS/2 could not compete due to price and proprietary interfaces. Announced in October 1992 and withdrawn in July 1995, it was replaced by the IBM PC Series 300.

Thank you Amo Retro for the pictures

466DX2/D (desktop)

  • Intel 486DX2 at 66 MHz
  • 64 MB max memory (16 MB installed)
  • S3 86C805 video controller with 1 MB (expandable to 2 MB)
  • ISA/VESA Local bus architecture
  • 400MB HDD
  • 8X CD-ROM
  • 1.44 FDD

This computer was donated on 05-Feb-2018. The machine has a damaged HDD and no CD-ROM. Its a very nice little machine as it has no proprietary interfaces so I intend to put a Creative SoundBlaster and a SCSI IDE controller to add an external HDD. I`m gonna make this a MS-DOS Gaming Station that will give hands on access to MS-DOS games for the museum visitors.


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