Tandon TM 6004A (Very Rare)

YEAR: 1983 to 1987



PC Tandon TM 6004A is an XT Clone, this computer uses IBM XT chips in the era when this was illegal by patent rights to IBM. This machine was not produced in a large scale and it might been for testing purposes only.  Found little info on the internet about it.

Check the gallery for some cool pictures.


System: MS-DOS 2.11
Processor: OKI 8086 has 4.77 Mhz
RAM: 440 Kb Extensible to 512 KB (can receive a hard disk)
ROM: 4 KB VRAM: 128 KB Video memory
320 * 200 pixel CGA display
Graphical display: monochrome.
5-inch 512-KB floppy disk drive.
Series, parallel.
Isa port: 7 slots in 8 bits

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