Macintosh Plus (M0001A)

Year: 16 January 1986 -October 15 1990 (the longest-produced Macintosh ever)

Initial Price: $2,599 (equivalent to $5,802 in 2017)


The Macintosh Plus computer is the third model in the Macintosh line, introduced on January 16, 1986, two years after the original Macintosh and a little more than a year after the Macintosh 512K, with a price tag of US$2599. As an evolutionary improvement over the 512K, it shipped with 1 MB of RAM standard, expandable to 4 MB, and an external SCSI peripheral bus, among smaller improvements. It originally had the same generally beige-colored case as the original Macintosh (“Pantone453″), but in 1987, the case color was changed to the long-lived, warm gray “Platinum” color. It is the earliest Macintosh model able to run System 7 OS.

Also known as M0001A
Manufacturer Apple Computer, Inc.
Product family Compact Macintosh
Release date January 16, 1986; 32 years ago
Introductory price US$2,599 (equivalent to $5,802 in 2017)
Discontinued October 15, 1990
Operating system System 3.0 – 7.5.5 (except 7.5.2)
CPU Motorola 68000 @ 8 MHz
Memory MB RAM (150 ns 30-pin SIMM), expandable to 4 MB
Predecessor Macintosh 512K
Macintosh XL
Successor Macintosh SE
Macintosh Classic


Read more technical details here.

I got this computer from Bucharest, it had no motherboard and no power supply. After 2 months of intensive searches on the internet I found a power supply and a mobo.  The Computer is now of the Cluj Computer Museum and it is in working condition.

At this point I had not have the opportunity to take some photos with my Mac but I picked some from the internet.


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