Hewlett&Packard Omnibook 800CT


Year: 1995

Initial Price: $2,499, $4,267 in 2020

Hisotry: The first of its series was the Omnibook 300. At the time of its introduction in 1993, the HP Omnibook 300 was the smallest and lightest PC on the market to feature a full-size keyboard and full VGA (video graphics array) screen. It weighed only 2.9 pounds and was based on the Intel 386 processor. It included Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and a pop-up mouse.

The Omnibook 800CT was the last model of the Omnibooks series of sub-notebooks from HP and was the first to come with a Pentium processor.

The Pentium processor was either a 100\133 or 166Mhz speed CPU. The standard configuration of the Omnibook 800CT was having 16 MB RAM but was expandable to 48 MB (80 MB in the MMX version). 

Internet Explorer and Cookies from 2003 = YAHOO!
Cookies from the late 2002 when Nokia 6600 was the best smartphone ever!

This laptop has been a service machine for HP, you can see in one picture that its an HP asset. Its full with email exchange from 1997 until 2003 and also full with HP Server drivers, manuals and client offers. I have a full name of the previous owner and I want to get in touch with him just to let him know that the machine is in good hands and going to be part of a museum. I am most likely thinking that the laptop was put in the garbage bin but I am not sure how it ended up in Romania at a recycling center.

I am very happy to have this little guy in my collection. Read more on Facebook

My unit has a 133Mhz Pentium CPU, 32Mb RAM, an 750Mb HDD and a POP-UP MOUSE. Yes! A POP-UP MOUSE! If you just press that little mouse icon on your machine… a mouse will pop-up !! This is so cool, I had to make a short video.


5 thoughts on “Hewlett&Packard Omnibook 800CT”

  1. Tommaso Petrella

    I have the original install cd if you need it, if so email me at tommaso1099@gmail.com. it is one of my favvorite x86 laptop from the era. Had a lot of bad reviews about the pop out mouse but i found it reliable and very handy. No problems ever. The previous owner was a higher up at Dallas Semiconductors and it still is full of law suites and schematics of chips. I don’t usually keep others files, but they might be valuable to the previous owner, anyway, enough rambling, but i love this little computer.

    1. Hi Tommaso,

      I would love an image file of that CD to have it next to the computer, you never know when I`ll been needing it. I like the stories of what people find on old machines and what was the purpose of the machine when used by the preavious owner.
      My email adress is thex86generation@gmail.com. Thank you for sharing both the story and the file!

  2. We have an Omnibook 800CT and Omnibook 300 CT – both in good working condition though the 300 battery doesn’t hold charge anymore. Any idea what they might be worth?

      1. Mike and Joan Toepel

        Thanks very much. The 800 is in great condition, battery and all and is loaded with Windows 95, MS Access, MS Excell, MS Powerpoint, MS schedule+, MS Word. The 600 works but has a dead battery. Will see what we can do with them or recycle them appropriately. Very interesting site!

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