Year 1992

Initial price: $3855

In 1992 Olivetti got on the market seven notebooks with the dimensions of a sheet of letterhead paper. The Philos line.

Philos Model 33 is offered two versions, B / N and Color. The built-in microphone and speaker lets you use it as a digital audio recorder. The PCMCIA slot allows a quick connection to different devices, while the modem  is integrated into the body. The built-in mouse with a retractable trackball is located on the right side of the computer and this is probably the best designs I ever seen!

The computer is full metal jacket (see where paint got off) and its designed to survive a full day of work even in dusty or less friendly environments. The charger is also a battery pack, you have an option to place it instead of your floppy drive and keep on going!

CPU: Intel 386SL a 20 Mhz
RAM: 4 MB espandibile fino a 32 MB
Graphics: 640 x 480 (monitor LCD 10” retroilluminato)
Input/output: PMCCIA, VGA, parallel port, serial port, pop-up mouse, keyboard, bus extender
1 floppy disk (3,5”) 1,44 MB
1 Hard disk 84/120/240 MB
Integrated SoundBlaster16

The Olivetti Philos 33 is one of my favorite because of the pop-out mouse (like the Omnibook). This 386 machine is way ahead of its time, everything is modular, you can pop out the FDD drive and input the power supply or an extra battery and I heard that there was also a CD-ROM 1X available for this beauty.

It does power up but I get a full contrast screen like the contrast button is set on max.  I can see most of the caps are dead and also corrosion has started to eat its way so I decided to take it apart and replace all caps and clean everything nicely. Once complete the take apart and other details will be posted here.

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