Noritsu CT-1 Foto Lab Terminal

Year: 2001-2004

Initial Price: $2,600, $3,300 in 2020


Noritsu CT-1 is basically a front self service customer oriented product that has been used in the mini foto labs. It is produced by Noritsu Koki Co.,LTD. Japan

Model: CT-1

Serial No. 20461951

The idea behind the machine is that you can go with your pictures on any support (Floppy Disk, SD-Card, MagicGate etc.) and print them on the spot. The computer runs Windows 2000 and it has a TFT Touchscreen Display and an internal thermal printer for your receipt. It was a donation to the museum from a friend of mine and its a very well build machine, (Made in Japan), with lots of features. I was unable to find much on the internet so I teared down the machine in order to clean it properly and find out more about it.

CPU: Intel Pentium III running at 733 Mhz
RAM: SD-RAM 1 X 256 module
Motherboard: Ricoh Japan, 4 X PCI, 1 X proprietary video port, 1 X SCSI Board
Video: 4MB 
Fixed Disks: 1 X 20GB IBM IDE HDD, ASUS DVD-RW (looks recent upgraded)
2 X USB 1.0 Ports, Ex. SCSI, VGA, PS2, Printer Port, Serial Port

The computer needs no repairs, there was a touchscreen issue as it was not working all the time but I found out there was a loose connection on the upper side of the PCB inside the monitor. I just had to “click” it back in place.

Now this Computer will have 2 major use for my museum;  a retro gaming station for the late 90`s when I will go at different computer fairs,  as it has a 4MB video memory which will run most games like NFS2SE, Quake II, Ignition, etc; and a POS for the visitors to get a receipt. 

Until then I will share with you guys some photos

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