Schneider Euro PC

YEAR: 1988

Initial Price:  1800,- DEM \ $1058


The PC was an MS-DOS-based home computer of the Schneider computer division. The motherboard was installed in the keyboard housing.

Almost same hardware was also packed in the Sinclair PC200 and Amstrad PC20. There seemed to be some kind of minor rush to get these “desktop” PCs into the market, that  looked like Amiga or Atari, to try to ride on their success. 

Manufacturer: Schneider
Model Euro PC
Released: 1988
Processor 8088
Mhz: 9,54
RAM: 512 KB
Data Medium: internal Diskdrive 3,5″
Graphic-Card Graphic: CGA 620×200, Hercules 720×384, Text: 80×25
Colors: 4
Sound: PC-Speaker
Operating Systems: MS-DOS 3.3
Ports: Seriel, Parallel, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, 1 ISA-Slot
Specials: The Systemspeed can be changed in the BIOS between 4.77, 8 and 9.54 Mhz
Launch price: 1800,- DEM

I got this PC from a friend from Bucharest, he said it looks better in the museum rather than his house. This EUROPC needs a few repairs though…


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