Palladium Tele-Match 4000

YEAR: 1977

INITIAL PRICE: $99, $425 in 2020

The Palladium Tele-Match 4000 is a subdivision of the mail order company known as Neckerman in Germany. The console was made under the american MAGNAVOX license, featuring the original AY-3-8500 “Ball & Paddle” integrated circuit.


ON/OFF power switch
RESET button
BAT SIZE (small/large) switch
BALL SPEED (slow/fast) switch
ANGLE 40°/20° switch
SERVE switch (manual/auto)detachable controllers (sliders with knob)
Built-in speaker
Black & White support
PAL TV support AC 9 volt or 6 x 1,5v batteries


Tennis,  Fussball, Squash,  Pelota(Solo)

Palladium model (825/131) or Palladium Tele-Match 4000 was sold in many countries under different names but version sold by Palladium was superior to all because of the quality build. This console is licensed by Magnavox (sticker on the bottom).

I bought this console from a flea market and somehow I expected that should work judging the fact that it looks like new. I got the console alone, no box or 9V \500mA DC adapter.

I instantly purchased a 9V 600mA adapter and I plugged it in. The console was dead…

I had gently opened the case and I could see 1 un-soldered wire inside as a defect and the 470uF \16V capacitor was dry. After replacing the capacitor and soldering the wire I noticed that the ay-3-8500 chip had no Vcc.

After a short search on the web I was able to find the pin out of the chip.

Now, I just had to make sure on pin 4 the chip was getting some juice. The ay-3-8500 works with any voltage between 5 and 9V. I just took a direct +9 from the power connector to the pin 4 and it was instant magic!

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