IBM PC 300GL (microtower)

Year: 1998

Initial Price: $1,499, $2,395 in 2020

The PC 300GL used the Celeron, Pentium I, Pentium II and Pentium III throughout its lifetime. Celeron-based models had processors clocked at 333, 366, 433, 466, 500 and 533 MHz; Pentium I models had processors clocked at 133, and 166 MHz; Pentium II-based models had processors clocked at 350, 400, 450 MHz; and Pentium III-based models had processors clocked at 450, 500, 533, 550, 600, 667, 733, 800 and 866 MHz.

These systems were packaged in two case form-factors, desktop and micro-tower. There were two variants of the desktop case, one with two expansion slots and one with four. Both variants had four drive bays. The micro-tower case had four expansion slots and four drive bays.

System Configuration:

CPU: Intel Pentium II 350Mhz, 512K, 100Mhz FSB


Storage: 6.4Gb IDE ATA 100 HDD, 16X Mitsumi CD-ROM drive, 1.44MB FDD

Video: 3dfx Voodoo2

I got this computer from a dear friend, thank you Iulian! I got it on my wedding day and its a very special computer. Now its being used for Retro gaming events because of that lovely video card.

As an upgrade I had put another 64 MB SD-RAM stick and that rubber dome keyboard went to the attic. I had replaced that with an IBM M2 keyboard as it looks and feels somehow better even if it cannot compete with the model M.

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