RCD i386 (custom build)

Year: 1990

Price: ?

I know this is not a collectible and its not a brand, but its definitely a nice computer that deserves a place on this page because its a great machine.

This computer was bought by me in 2005 and its been in my collection ever since. I love how this custom build PC works flawlessly even after 29 years. The only thing I had to do was to replace the 3.6V Varta Ni-Cd battery that was about to leak on the motherboard. I had replaced those with 3X Ni-CD from GP(Recyko).

Original config:

Processor: i386 16 Mhz (TURBO button present 33Mhz)


Storage: 320MB IDE, 5.25 FDD, 3 1⁄2 FDD

Video Card: Trident 512K (ISA)

RCD i386
Volfied (retro gaming day)

Volfied (retro gaming day)
Lotus on the i386 machine

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