Sanyo MBC-775

YEAR: 1984

INITIAL PRICE: $ 2599, $6,668 in 2019

The Sanyo MBC-775 was the first portable PC compatible to include a built-in 9 inch color monitor. Instead of the standard 4.77 MHz 8088 microprocessor found in most IBM PC compatibles at that time, Sanyo uses 8088-2, a turbocharged version operating at a fast 8 MHz! Read in full here.

Hardware Features:

  • 256K RAM expandable to 640K ROM
  •  16K of video RAM
  • two 360K 5.25″ floppy drives
  • Centronics parallel port, and two expansion slot
  • supports 8087-2 numeric co-processor 
  • built-in 9″ RGB, 16 colors, resolution is 25 lines of 80 characters, and graphics resolution is 320 X 200 pixels in four colors and 640 X 200 pixesl in two colors (black and white)

Software Features:

Sanyo bundles MS-DOS 2.11, GW Basic, and three software packages–Easy Writer II word processor system with EasyMailer II mail merge, EasyPlanner spreadsheet, and EasyFiler file management system–with the MBC-775. 

This computer came in a bad shape and restoring it was the hardest projects I ever completed.

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