Sanyo MBC-775

YEAR: 1984

INITIAL PRICE: $ 2,599, $6,668 in 2019

The Sanyo MBC-775 was the first portable PC compatible to include a built-in 9 inch color monitor. Instead of the standard 4.77 MHz 8088 microprocessor found in most IBM PC compatibles at that time, Sanyo uses 8088-2, a turbocharged version operating at a fast 8 MHz! Read in full here.

Hardware Features:

  • 256K RAM expandable to 640K ROM
  •  16K of video RAM
  • two 360K 5.25″ floppy drives
  • Centronics parallel port, and two expansion slot
  • supports 8087-2 numeric co-processor 
  • built-in 9″ RGB, 16 colors, resolution is 25 lines of 80 characters, and graphics resolution is 320 X 200 pixels in four colors and 640 X 200 pixesl in two colors (black and white)

Software Features:

Sanyo bundles MS-DOS 2.11, GW Basic, and three software packages–Easy Writer II word processor system with EasyMailer II mail merge, EasyPlanner spreadsheet, and EasyFiler file management system–with the MBC-775. 

This computer came in a bad shape and restoring it was the hardest projects I ever completed.

See restoration here.

Also, thank you 8 BIT Guy for making my page popular 🙂

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  1. oliver klimek says:

    hi, nice article and great job the restoration. I’ve got another one and in good condition too (still working and operational). But I’m not sure if it’s a MBC-775. It looks the same but no number on the front (like on your pic) just an MBC-7 on the product ID tag. Is this something different?
    There’s a switch from 4.77 to 8 MHz and everything else is equal. It’s a german product. You can see it on the plug and a “BUNDESPOST” seal of approval sticker from earlier times.

  2. Mr. says:

    Your site is muy AWESOME. Thank You. in 1984 the salesman that sold a Mac Plus to small machine shop also sold CNC software running on Mac for Japanese CNC lathe. Unfortunately didn’t emphasize need to remove each iteration from que prior to running next job, BIG bang at 1000’s of rpm, ouch.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you for the appreciation and the blast from the past!

  4. Jack M. says:

    I just found a photo back of myself with a mate hacking away at the keyboard of one of these babies, way back in 1986. Hell of a time!

    1. admin says:

      Please do share! 🙂

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