Telemecanique FTX 517

Year: 1997

Initial Price: $7,499, $12,161 in 2020

The TELEMECANIQUE was manufactured by SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC in 1997 and its basically a portable computer that was used to program different PLC`s ( Programmable Logic Controller ) in various industrial automation processes.
I had bought this computer from a local Facebook sales group for about 60 EUR and its in pretty good condition as well, except for the keyboard cable that needs to be changed because of cable rot.

I had made a video about this machine and the keyboard fix.

My unit is stated as an FTX 507 on the upper case and 517 on the bottom case. Also the keyboard states 507. Either this computer had an official upgrade from Schneider Electric or it was made from parts, I guess i will never know.

How I know its a FTX 517? Because on the motherboard I have the Pentium Overdrive and the motherboard revision can be found on Amazon, where it states is an FTX 517, not FTX 507.

I can get one ONLY for $995.00 + Shipping! Woaw! I`ll buy two, just to be sure!

ONLY $995.00 + Shipping!

This kind of Amazon “finds” make you wonder if you bought the computer incredibly cheap or people just like to ask huge amounts of money on obsolete hardware…


  • Intel Pentium OverDrive for 486 systems model PODP5V133
  • 16 MB of EDO RAM (proprietary socket on Motherboard)
  • HDD 1155 MB Quantum Fireball
  • Drive A 1.44 FDD
Telemecanique FTX 517 (Keyboard is not present)

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