The Compaq Plus


YEAR: 1983

INITIAL RETAIL PRICE: $7,495,  $20,257 in 2021

The Compaq Plus or the Compaq Portable Plus is a 16-bit portable computer equipped with a fixed drive. Its the same as the initial Compaq Portable but instead of two 5.25-inch 360Kbyte drives it has only 1 floppy drive and a 10 MB HDD. It can run all software developed for the IBM PC/XT.

Compaq Portable Plus

The retail price of the Compaq Portable Plus was $4,995 without the fixed disk and $7,495 with the 10MB HDD. That’s $20,257 in 2021! You can buy a lot of computer power with this amount nowadays!

The Compaq Plus configuration:

  • 1 X 5.25-inch, 360Kbyte floppy disk drive;
  • 1 X 10MB Seagate HDD;
  • 128K bytes of RAM;
  • 9 inch green phosphor display;
  • Two IBM PC-compatible hardware expansion slots;
  • MS-DOS 2.0 operating system, and the Basic programming language

My models SN is 1514060132 and besides some cracked plastics that I had already fixed the computer is in great shape. The RIFA Capacitor has been removed and the power supply voltages had been measured.

Below are some pictures of the machine, beside the Philips 2000C.

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