Panasonic AG-500E

Year: 1987

Initial Retail Price: $599, equivalent to $1,891 in 2023

Panasonic AG-500 is well known for having the best vintage looks of any CRT monitor probably due to the VHS Player that is positioned vertical instead of a horizontal mount. Of course the cool factor is present in all vintage devices, but this marvelous CRT just screams 80s!

If you are a CRT, PC, console or any other vintage gadget collector, then you probably already have this on your wish list. For most collectors this is considered to be the holly grail of CRT`s.

Panasonic AG-500 with integrated VHS player

I really liked this reddit users comment on my post: The engineering alone on these sets (and really, VCRs in general) is incredible. Most people would never think about how intricate the hundreds of components are to work together just to pull in a tape and prepare it for playback! Seeing it happen on video is very satisfying.

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