Psion Series 3A

YEAR: 1993 Initial Price: $899,$1,619 in 2020   The Psion 3a (1993) is part of a range of personal digital assistants made by PSION PLC. Manufacture of Psion 3a was discontinued in 1998 with the 3s version shortly after the launch of the Psion Series 5 (a Psion 4 does not exist, due to Psion’s […]

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YEAR: 1999 Price: $700, $1,093 in 2020 The Psion Series 5 was a Personal digital assistant PDA from Psion. It came in two main variants, the Series 5 (launched in 1997) and the Series 5mx (1999), the latter having a faster processor, clearer screen, and updated software. There was also a rare Series 5mx Pro, which differed only in having the operating system loaded into RAM and

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