This is a private collection of old computers, video game consoles, retro gadgets, and many other vintage electronics. All the items from my collection are carefully repaired and restored and are fully operational.

Did you know?

The museum’s retro gaming events are popular among gamers, technology enthusiasts, and families, and they serve as a fun and engaging way to educate people about the history of computing and gaming. The events typically include a variety of games from different eras and platforms, as well as demonstrations and talks on the technology behind them.
In addition, the retro gaming events organized by our museum provide an enjoyable and educational experience for visitors of all ages, further demonstrating the significance and impact of computing and technology on our society.

Our goal

Our long term goal is to become a valuable resource for technology enthusiasts, researchers, and the general public, and our dedication to preserve and showcase vintage computing equipment and related materials. We hope to greatly contribute to the understanding and appreciation of this important aspect of technological heritage.


YEAR: 1999 Price: $700, $1,093 in 2020 The Psion Series 5 was a Personal digital assistant PDA from Psion. It…

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ICE Felix M118b

Initial Year: 1979 Initial Price: Unknown   The Felix M118b is a Romanian 8-bit computer…

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ZX Spectrum

YEAR: 1982 INITIAL PRICE: £175, £566 in 2020   The ZX Spectrum (UK: /zɛd ɛks ˈspɛktrəm/) is an 8-bit personal home computer released in…

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Panasonic AG-500E

Year: 1987 Initial Retail Price: $599, equivalent to $1,891 in 2023 Panasonic AG-500 is well…

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Playstation 1

YEAR:  December 1994 (Japan) INITIAL PRICE: $299, $525 in 2020   The PlayStation (officially abbreviated to PS, and…

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Tandy 1110HD

YEAR: 1992 INITIRAL PRICE: $1,199, $2,224 in 2020 The 1110 HD was introduced in 1992. The…

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Hands-on demonstrations of HISTORIC COMPUTING and RETRO GAMING are the heart of the X86 Generation`s events.

RETRO GAMING & LAN PARTY EVENT – check more events here
RETRO GAMING & LAN PARTY EVENT – check more events here
Vintage Computer Exhibition (TechFest Cluj-Napoca)
Sharp PC-7000 overview, disassembly and repairs

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