Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40

Initial year: 1983

Initial Price: $249.95


The Texas Instruments Compact Computer 40 or CC-40 is a battery-operated portable computer that was manufactured and released by Texas Instruments in March 1983. Priced at US$249, it weighs 600 grams (22 ounces) and can be powered by four AA batteries or an AC adapter. It was intended as a portable business computer, and uses TI’s TMS70C20 CPU, an 8-bit microprocessorthat ran at 2.5 MHz.

I got it from Bacau, Romania, it is in working condition. Runs on 4XAA batteries. It was taken apart and gave it a deep clean. See pics below.





The CC-40 has 6 kilobytes of on board Random Access Memory (expandable to 18 KB), 34 KB of Read Only Memory, and a 31-character LCD display. It is capable of operating for 200 hours off one set of batteries, and memory is not erased by powering the unit off, so an unpowered unit can retain data for several months.

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