Commodore PET 4032


INITIAL PRICE: $1,295, $4,090 in 2020


4032 refers to 40 character display, with 32K RAM memory.

The PET 4032 was released three years after the original PET 2001. Although it has the same CPU running at the same speed, improved circuitry allows the 4032 to run substantially faster. Other improvements include more memory and a better keyboard.


Lost in the process was the convenient but unreliable built-in data cassette “datassette” drive.

Two main versions of the 4032 were released – the 4032-9 and the 4032-12 – with a 9-inch or 12-inch screen.

The 4032 has four port to the outside world. An eight-bit parallel port, a port for a cassette recorder, a port that brings out the system bus, and an IEEE-488 port.

Still in use today, but mostly for laboratory and scientific instruments, the IEEE-488 bus is relatively complex, allowing up to 15 devices on the bus.

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