Toshiba T1000LE

YEAR: 1990



SN: 10016686

The Toshiba T1000LE was one of the first laptops to include both a hard drive and a Ni-CD battery. Previous laptops did not have enough power to run a hard drive from battery power (exceptions include the Toshiba T1200, which had a proprietary 26-pin JVC hard drive, and the Macintosh Portable, which used a lead-acid battery, instead of a Ni-CD).

Unlike the original Toshiba T1000, this model does not have a handle that flips out of the bottom, nor a display that tilts 180 degrees.

Download the T1000LE manual here.

When i got it, This machine was not working, I had spend more than a couple of days in repairs. If you want to see the full repair guide, go here.


The Toshiba Tl000LE is one of the lightest portable computers available offering high
technology, high speed, excellent legibility, IBM PC/XT compatibility, and battery operation.
The Tl000LE is so small it defines a new class of portables called notebook computers.
The Tl000LE uses the MS-DOS version 3.30 operating system and contains a powerful
80C86-2 microprocessor with a 16-bit data width on the data bus line. The standard random
access memory (RAM) capacity is I-Mbyte with the ability to insert 1-,2-,4- or 8-Mbyte
memory cards; thus, the system can have up to 9 Mbytes of RAM.
The TlOooLE system unit consists of the following features:
• System board/memory board
• 3.5-inch floppy disk drive (FDD) that supports two memory formats:
1.44-Mbyte double-sided, high-density, double-track (2HD)
720-Kbyte double-sided, double-density, double-track (2DD)
• 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) with 20-Mbyte capacity
• IBM enhanced keyboard compatibility
• Sidelit liquid crystal display (LCD)
• Power supply system consisting of an AC adapter and batteries
The LCD supports 640 x 400 pixels with color/graphics adapter (CGA) compatibility and two
color attribute combinations.

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