Toshiba T1000LE

YEAR: 1990

INITIAL PRICE: $1,799, $3,534 in 2020

SN: 10016686

The Toshiba T1000LE was one of the first laptops to include both a hard drive and a Ni-CD battery. Previous laptops did not have enough power to run a hard drive from battery power (exceptions include the Toshiba T1200, which had a proprietary 26-pin JVC hard drive, and the Macintosh Portable, which used a lead-acid battery, instead of a Ni-CD).

Unlike the original Toshiba T1000, this model does not have a handle that flips out of the bottom, nor a display that tilts 180 degrees.

Download the T1000LE manual here.
When i got it, This machine was not working, I had spend more than a couple of days in repairs. If you want to see the full repair guide, go here.  <- T1000LE REPAIRS

The Toshiba Tl000LE is one of the lightest portable computers available offering high
technology, high speed, excellent legibility, IBM PC/XT compatibility, and battery operation.
The Tl000LE is so small it defines a new class of portables called notebook computers.
The Tl000LE uses the MS-DOS version 3.30 operating system and contains a powerful
80C86-2 microprocessor with a 16-bit data width on the data bus line. The standard random
access memory (RAM) capacity is I-Mbyte with the ability to insert 1-,2-,4- or 8-Mbyte
memory cards; thus, the system can have up to 9 Mbytes of RAM.
The TlOooLE system unit consists of the following features:
• System board/memory board
• 3.5-inch floppy disk drive (FDD) that supports two memory formats:
1.44-Mbyte double-sided, high-density, double-track (2HD)
720-Kbyte double-sided, double-density, double-track (2DD)
• 2.5-inch hard disk drive (HDD) with 20-Mbyte capacity
• IBM enhanced keyboard compatibility
• Sidelit liquid crystal display (LCD)
• Power supply system consisting of an AC adapter and batteries
The LCD supports 640 x 400 pixels with color/graphics adapter (CGA) compatibility and two
color attribute combinations.

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