Compaq Portable III Model 2660

Year: 1988

Initial Price: $4999, $11,091 in 2018)

     The Compaq Portable III is a PC/AT-compatible computer released by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1987. It was advertised as being much smaller and lighter than the previous portable x86-PCs, however it was still quite large by today’s standards.

Three models were announced at release. The Model 1 had a list price of 3999 USD and was equipped with a 12 MHz Intel 80286640 KB RAM1.2 MB 5.25″ floppy, and a 10″ amber colored gas-plasma displayOther options included the Model 20 at 4999 USD which added a 20 MB hard disk, the one I have, or 5799 USD or the Model 40 with the upgraded 40 MB hard diskThere was also an optional ISA Expansion chassis allowed for 2 full length 16-bit ISA add-in cards for 199 USD Power is supplied using a mains electricity outlet, no battery exists. 

     I bought this computer for Christmas so the Compaq Portable wont feel alone for the holidays. 

The Computer looks very good except for the keyboard cable that has rot. It is a known issue that the keyboard cable is disintegrating for all Compaq portable models. Every time you move it, more pieces will flake off.

I had taken the cable from an old Cherry AT busted keyboard and started soldering. I am pretty happy with the outcome of the project.

Here are some photos of the finished project. See more on Facebook

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  1. Eduardo says:

    My Compaq Portable III came without the cable. Do you have the specifications where to solder de conections? Thank you

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