The Compaq Portable

Year: 1983

Initial Price: US $2,995, $7,400 in 2017

The Compaq Portable is an early portable computer which was one of the first 100% IBM PC compatible systems. It was Compaq Computer Corporation’s first product, to be followed by others in the Compaq portable series and later Compaq Deskpro series.

The Compaq Portable was announced in November 1982 and first shipped in March 1983, priced at US $2,995 (equivalent to $7,400 in 2017) with a single half-height 5¼” 360 kB diskette drive or $3,590 for dual, full-height diskette drives. The 28 lb (13 kg) Compaq Portable folded up into a luggable case the size of a portable sewing machine.

The computer was an early all-in-one, becoming available two years after the CP/M-based Osborne 1 and Kaypro II, in the same year as the MS-DOS-based (but not entirely IBM PC compatible) Dynalogic Hyperion, and a year before the Commodore SX-64. Its design was influenced by that of the Xerox NoteTaker, a prototype computer developed at Xerox PARC in 1976.

IBM responded to the Compaq Portable with the IBM Portable, developed because its sales force needed a comparable computer to sell against Compaq.

Manufacturer Compaq Computer Corporation
Product family Compaq Portable series
Type Portable computer
Release date March 1983; 35 years ago
Introductory price US$3,590
Operating system MS-DOS
CPU Intel 8088, 4.77MHz
Memory 128 kilobytes (expandable to 640 KiB)
Storage Two 5.25″ floppy disk drives or, optionally, one floppy drive and a 10 MB hard drive
Display Built-in 9″ green screen monitor
Graphics Unique CGA-compatible video card
Weight 28 lb (13 kg)
IBM PC compatible
Successor Compaq Portable Plus

Source: Wikipedia

I got my computer from a friend who bought it from Germany for about 100 EURO. This PC does not power up and needs a few repairs. I will soon come with some pictures.

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