Panasonic Toughbook CF-41 MK1

YEAR: 1994
INITIAL PRICE: $8.700, $14.683 in 2020
MachineToughBook/Pronote AV CF-41
Introduced03/1995 (Mk I), 03/1996 (Mk II), 01/1996 (Mk III)
Retired07/1995 (Mk I), 09/1996 (Mk II), 10/1996 (Mk III)
SystemMS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98
CPU/SpeedIntel 80486DX4 @50MHz (Mk I), Intel Pentium @75MHz (Mk II), Intel Pentium @120MHz (Mk III)
RAM Min/Max8Mb/24Mb (Mk I), 16Mb/32Mb (Mk II and III) (1x60ns slot)
ROM (Size)
Floppy Drive1×3.5″ 1.44Mb
CD Drive4xCD-ROM
Hard Drive260Mb-1.35Gb IDE
Drive Bay(s)None
AudioESS ES688 AudioDrive (SoundBlaster compatible)
VideoChips & Technologies Accelerator – 10.4″ (Mk I), 12.1″ (Mk II and III) TFT Active Matrix
Resolution(s)640×480 (Mk I), 800×600 (Mk II and III) (16-bit)
Ports2xPCMCIA, 1xPS/2, 1xAudio (in), 1xAudio (out), 1xDocking, 1×25-pin parallel, 1xSerial, 1xVGA
Dimensions2.2″ x 11.7″ x 9.25″
Weight9 lb
Power Supply15.6 V  

to be continued…

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