IBM ThinkPad A21m

YEAR: 2001

Initial Price: $2,169, $3,187 in 2020

Not vintage but quite old, this computer is one of the best IBM notebooks I ever owned.

Running at 700 Mhz on an Intel Pentium III platform and fully upgraded to 256MB RAM, Windows 2000 runs buttery smooth. The display is has bright and vibrant colorsl and the illuminated keyboard makes you wanna type on it even in 2020!

Short config description:

  • Intel Pentium 700 Mhz
  • 256 SDRAM
  • 10 GB HDD
  • 24X CD-ROM drive
  • 3.5 Floppy disk
  • Ati Rage video card with 8 MB RAM
  • 12.1 Display running at 1280X1024!
  • Creative SoundBlaster 16 with wonderful integrated speakers
  • 6 cell battery still hold 40 minutes of charge

I bought it recently from a flea market. I really don`t buy machines this recent but the fact that it was in mint condition and the owner wanted less than $10 was a great deal!

Upon installing Windows 2000 the computer had several blue screens and after running memTEST X86 I had seen that 1 module had errors on it. All drivers were installed successfully by Windows 2000! Now I can play Quake II on those rainy days 🙂

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