The Compaq Plus

YEAR: 1983 INITIAL RETAIL PRICE: $7,495,  $20,257 in 2021 The Compaq Plus or the Compaq Portable Plus is a 16-bit portable computer equipped with a fixed drive. Its the same as the initial Compaq Portable but instead of two 5.25-inch 360Kbyte drives it has only 1 floppy drive and a 10 MB HDD. It can […]

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Sanyo MBC-775

YEAR: 1984 INITIAL PRICE: $ 2,599, $6,668 in 2019 The Sanyo MBC-775 was the first portable PC compatible to include a built-in 9 inch color monitor. Instead of the standard 4.77 MHz 8088 microprocessor found in most IBM PC compatibles at that time, Sanyo uses 8088-2, a turbocharged version operating at a fast 8 MHz!

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The Compaq Portable

Year: 1983 Initial Price: US $2,995, $7,400 in 2017 The Compaq Portable is an early portable computer which was one of the first 100% IBM PC compatible systems. It was Compaq Computer Corporation’s first product, to be followed by others in the Compaq portable series and later Compaq Deskpro series. The Compaq Portable was announced in November 1982 and first shipped in March 1983, priced at US $2,995

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Compaq Portable III Model 2660

Year: 1988 Initial Price: $4999, $11,091 in 2018)      The Compaq Portable III is a PC/AT-compatible computer released by Compaq Computer Corporation in 1987. It was advertised as being much smaller and lighter than the previous portable x86-PCs, however it was still quite large by today’s standards. Three models were announced at release. The Model 1 had a list price of 3999 USD and

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Osborne 1 -the first commercially successful portable microcomputer

YEAR: 1981 INITIAL PRICE: $1,795, $5,139 in 2020 The Osborne 1 was the first commercially successful portable microcomputer, released on April 3, 1981, by Osborne Computer Corporation. It weighed 10.7 kg (24.5 lb), cost $1,795 US, and ran the CP/M 2.2 operating system. Powered directly from a mains socket as it had no on-board battery, it was

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Dolch PAC 486

  YEAR:1995 INITIAL PRICE: $9,000, $15,370 in 2020   “Dolch Computer Systems Inc, San Jose, California expects to be the first to market with an 80486-based luggable computer: the new Dolch PAC 486-25 weighs just under 20 lbs, comes with three AT slots, and sells for $13,000 ($23.099 in 2019) with 100Mb hard disk and

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