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Am5x86 PC

YEAR: 1995 Initial Retail Price: ? The Am5x86 processor is an x86-compatible CPU introduced in 1995 by AMD for use in 486-class computer systems. It is one of the fastest, and most universally compatible upgrade paths for 486 systems. I found this computer on a local sales site. The seller stated that its a donation for anyone interested in collecting or owning such a computer.

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Commodore PET 4008

Year: 1980 Initial Price: US$795, $2,487 in 2020 In 1980, the 4000-series PETs were launched. They came with BASIC 4.0, which added commands for disk functions. With this series, Commodore discovered that people were buying cheaper 8 KB and 16 KB models of the 3000-series and upgrading the RAM rather than paying extra for the 32 KB model. This particular unit

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Amstrad PC-1512 DD (Schneider-badged version)

YEAR: 1986 INITIAL RETAIL: £499, £1,188 in 2019 The Amstrad PC1512 was Amstrad‘s mostly IBM PC-compatible computer system, first manufactured in 1986.  It launched for £499 and sold very well, as it was one of the first cheap PCs in Europe. It significantly helped open up the European PC market to consumers as well as businesses, and Amstrad’s advertising of the PC1512 was

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Apple Lisa

YEAR: 1983 PRICE: $9,995, $25,745.96 in 2019 Lisa, with an Apple ProFile external hard disk sitting atop it, and dual 5.25-inch “Twiggy” floppy drives Also known as Locally Integrated Software Architecture Developer Apple Computer Inc. Manufacturer Apple Computer Inc. Type Personal computer Release date January 19, 1983; 36 years ago Introductory price US$9,995 (equivalent to $25,143 in 2018) Discontinued

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Tandy 1000 TL/2

YEAR: 1988 Initial Retail Price: $1,599, $3,520 in 2020 System Config Model 25-1602 Serial number 002866 80286 running at 8 Mhz 640KB; expandable to 768KB 1000 HD: 10 or 20 MB 640x200x16c and MDA/Hercules Graphics Emulation 3 Voice Sound & built-in DAC/ADC Ports 1 x Card-edge parallel port1 x RS-232C serial port1 x TTL RGB monitor

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Apple //e

Year: January 1983 Initial Price: $1,298(4 kB RAM) and $2,638 (48 kB RAM)   The Apple IIe (styled as Apple //e) is the third model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer. The e in the name stands for enhanced, referring to the fact that several popular features were now built-in that were available only as upgrades or add-ons in earlier models. It

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Epson QX-10

Year: 1983 Initial Price: Unknown The Epson QX-10 is a microcomputer running CP/M or TPM-III (CP/M-80 compatible) which was introduced in 1983. It was based on a Zilog Z80 microprocessor, running at 4 MHz, provided up to 256 KB of RAM organized in four switchable banks, and included a separate graphics processor chip (µPD7220) manufactured by NEC to provide advanced graphics capabilities. In the USA, two versions

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Tandon PCX (TM 6004A)

YEAR: 1984 INITIAL PRICE: Unknown      Tandon Corporation was a disk drive and PC manufacturer founded in 1975 (incorporated in 1976 as Tandon Magnetics Corp.) by Sirjang Lal Tandon a former mechanical engineer.  The company originally produced magnetic recording read/write heads for the then-burgeoning floppy-drive market. Due to the labor-intensive nature of the product, production was carried out in low-wage India which was the key to

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Macintosh SE/30

Initial Year: 1989 Initial price: US$4,369, $9,170 in 2020   The Macintosh SE/30 is a personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. from January 1989 to October 1991. It is the fastest of the original black-and-white compact Macintosh series. The SE/30 has a black-and-white monitor and a single PDS slot (rather than the NuBus slots of the IIx, with which the SE/30 shares a

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YEAR: 1987 Initial Price: 30.000 LEI \$700, $1,603 in 2020     The Junior XT is a Romanian computer built at  Întreprinderea de Echipamente Periferice (IEPER). The computer was build around the Intel 8086, 16bit CPU, running at 4.77 Mhz and an i8087 math CPU for those who needed more mathematical power. In the base

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Apple //c

YEAR: 1984 Initial Prce: $1,295, $3,244 in 2020   The Apple IIc, the fourth model in the Apple II series of personal computers, is Apple Computer’s first endeavor to produce a portable computer. The result was a 7.5 lb (3.4 kg) notebook-sized version of the Apple II that could be transported from place to place. The c in the name stood for compact, referring to

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Commodore PET 4032

YEAR:1980 INITIAL PRICE: $1,295, $4,090 in 2020   4032 refers to 40 character display, with 32K RAM memory. The PET 4032 was released three years after the original PET 2001. Although it has the same CPU running at the same speed, improved circuitry allows the 4032 to run substantially faster. Other improvements include more memory and a better keyboard.  

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iMac G3

YEAR: 1998 Initial Price:  $1,299, $2,075 in 2020   The iMac G3 is a line of personal computers developed, manufactured, and sold by Apple Computer from 1998 to 2003. Noted for its innovative design via the use of translucent and brightly colored plastics, it was the first consumer-facing Apple product to debut under the recently

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The Apple IIGS

YEAR: 1986 INITIAL PRICE: $999, $2,372 in 2020 The Apple IIGS (styled as IIgs) is the fifth and most powerful model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer. The “GS” in the name stands for “Graphics” and “Sound”, referring to its enhanced multimedia capabilities, especially its state-of-the-art sound and music

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